stephanie k

Thanks for being here! Welcome to my lil world of art & stories

Thanks for being here!
Welcome to my lil world of art & stories

I'm Stephanie

i laugh a lot

the keys to my heart

a warm surf in the sunshine or the moonlight
meeting new people from all walks of life
hiphop, afrobeats & latin music
A nice hot matcha latte
dogs, I absolutely adore them all
mushroom risotto & an espresso martini
swimming in a mountain lake
sitting in the sunshine
a sour beer at the top of a hike
walking in the woods with Ellie

ok now, smile

I treasure the people in my life. I take every chance to learn or experience something new. I find inspiration in many places within many people, and see beauty in sometimes ordinary places & things.

I love things like sitting on a surfboard looking out at the waves coming towards me. I find joy in the wild moments; late nights dancing to loud music, hiking mountains, and taking fearless chances.

I find joy in the quiet moments, a coffee in the sun, a forest walk with Ellie, or cooking a delicious meal.

I love family dinners & good conversation over a beer. I love the smell of a campfire, and the ocean. I love the heat & the feeling in the air after it rains. I'm almost always listening to music.

I'm a traveller, & a romantic. I like my margaritas spicy, my bed full of pillows & I prefer my clothes full of sand.

a glimpse into my life