stephanie k

Thanks for being here!
 I am an artist and story teller.
Adventure fuels my fire, always. I have the messiest hair,
the maddest love for the outdoors & a passion for everything I do.

I'm Stephanie

when i was growing up

the keys to my heart

An Afternoon or Moonlit Surf
An Beautiful Hike
Reggae Music
A Homemade Latte
Dogs! Every Dog in the World!
Deep Fried Pickles
Cold Lake Swims & Sunbathing
Craft Sour Ale
Trail Walks with Ellie

hi friend,

I always wanted to be a zoologist or work for National Geographic. I wanted to travel to beautiful countries, track, and study wild animals.
 I always imagined myself in the savannah, crouched behind a bush, and watching a beautiful lioness in the distance.

Well, I didn't become a zoologist,
but I still get to photograph wild humans in love.

 My life has been nothing short of an adventure thus far. My favourite things still to this day are travel, nature, and stories.

From skydiving over Franz Josef, to starting a fundraiser in Indonesia for street dogs, to straight chillin' on the beach with my fam. My heart is home when I'm adventuring & doing things that i'm passionate about.

Ellie is my 5 year old bear pup. I adopted her in Prince George, BC during a ski season at Powder King.

She is part Great Pyranees x Malamute x Australian Shepherd and Baby Bear.

She quite literally comes with me everywhere I go.
She loves to play with her shark stuffy, adventure around the forest & swim in absolutely any body of water she can find.

Ellie grew up in the woods, while I was working in forestry we got to wander around the forest, check trees & drive around in our truck together. 
Now we go on hiking trips together, travel, hang on the beach & play in the snow.

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Countries I have travelled & loved:

New Zealand
USA - Hawaii, California, Alaska, and Florida 

Net on the list:

Sri Lanka



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I love to try new things, whether it's food, a sport, a thrill. i live for new experiences & I try to fill my life with as much adventure as possible.

I am a licensed Emergency Medical Responder
which helps me feel more prepared in so many situations I find myself in while travelling and hiking!

I also have a deep love for animals & have encountered many animals in the wild from running into grizzlies on hikes, to elk, to monkeys, to surfing with sea lions. 

I whole heartedly believe in leaving no trace in the places I visit, respecting our beautiful land & the animals that inhabit them.



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my greatest loves

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